Short Term Accommodation For Youth

Providing supported accommodation, advocacy, access to education options and life skills to transition young people from crisis to independence.

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How Can STAY Help You?

STAY provides safe, secure and affordable accommodation which includes:

  • Meals
  • Emotional Support
  • Advocacy
  • Referral
  • Mediation
  • Learning new life skills
  • Linking into education
  • Access to longer term housing

We offer support services that enable young people to develop the skills required to achieve independence and avoid the possibility of crisis in future.

STAY Accommodation

STAY Accommodation is offered to young people to address their current crisis and avert future crisis which may lead to homelessness. The supported accommodation will enable you, with the help of a youth worker, to work through a support plan to create. STAY will case manage you to set goals, overcome barriers and gain new skills. Our vision at STAY is to build connections and create change to benefit young people and our community. We work with you to develop self-worth, self-respect and a sense of belonging. We foster the aspirations of young people to be part of a community where all people value and respect each other.

The environment at STAY is one of sanctuary. You will have the opportunity to focus on yourself, be creative, access housing, education and employment. We aim to see you increase your self-esteem, engage with family and friends and develop new life skills that transition you to your independence.

Our service priorities include:

  • Youth Focus – we are driven by the needs of young people.
  • Service Delivery – we strive for excellence and innovation.
  • Sustainability – we focus on continuous improvement.
  • Leadership – we provide exceptional service to young people.

Our Values are hope, growth, kindness, acceptance & commitment.

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Who Can Come To STAY?

STAY is a crisis service for young people who are aged between 15 & 25 years who may be experiencing:

  • A personal crisis
  • Family conflict
  • Financial difficulties
  • Nowhere to live

*Priority to young people aged 15 to 19 years. People with disabilities are also welcome.

A young person who is homeless or living in a situation that is detrimental to their physical and emotional health and well-being, can get help from this service.

When is STAY open?

24 Hours a day

7 Days a week

What does it cost?

Dependent on income and circumstances.

Contact STAY

24 Quarry Street, Geraldton WA 6530

PO Box 2087, Geraldton WA 6531